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Wellness Coach - Ref: England - East Anglia

England - East Anglia
Varies depending on number of meetings taken
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Job Title:        WW Wellness Coach



We inspire healthy habits for real life*

*For people, families, communities, the world – for everyone.

The person and the role:

You’re a progressive, hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves kind of person who loves to be a central part of the action. Your energising personality is infectious and your passion for helping others and coaching members with their weight loss sparks your determination.

You’re a natural networker, someone who’s comfortable interacting at all levels. You are able to simultaneously empathise with a member who has had a week that’s gone downhill and jump for joy with the member that’s got to goal! You’re there for the highs and the lows of each member’s journey.

You create an atmosphere of trust and openness and have a knack for making every member count! You’re a team player who proactively shares your knowledge, expertise and ideas and you love to learn.

You understand how to make Social Media work for you and your wellness workshops; your Facebook posts and Tweets inspire others; you know what makes your members tick.

You have a natural entrepreneurial flair! You know how to market your wellness workshops. People can’t resist the temptation of coming to see you in your local area. You attract new members and grow your wellness workshops; you’re a true part of your community. Forget other weight loss companies; your wellness workshops are the number one choice for anyone who lives around you.

You are proud to be an ambassador of the Brand. Be successful by maintaining your weight-loss journey and being a Passionate Expert in the WW Programme.

Key Accountabilities:

Wellness Coach as


  • You know how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle with WW, on top of that you want to help others to do the same
  • You’ve got fingers in lots of ‘Social Media’ pies, Facebook account? Check Instagram? Easy! Love WW Connect? Bring it on! You know the power of Social Media and how it connects with our members; bringing the plan to life for them between your wellness workshops.
  • You’re the best at inspiring your members to get the most out of the tools and everything our programme has to offer
  • You’re a passionate expert, you understand the programme inside out, and you’re able to educate, inform and excite your members about what they can achieve
  • You love to learn, can’t wait to take part in all sorts of different training opportunities and get stuck in applying what you’ve learnt when you’re back in the day to day

Wellness Coach

  • An effective Wellness Coach. We don’t mean you have to don a tracksuit, but you will support and coach members to set their own goals, achieve them and overcome challenges
  • Members want to know what you have to say. You communicate effectively and know how to generate interest in what you have to say both inside and outside your wellness workshop
  • Like the perfect host you know exactly how to create the right atmosphere in a wellness workshop, where members can connect
  • You know yourself inside out. Strengths, you got them! Opportunities, you’re working on those!


  • The life and soul of the party, you know how to work a room and facilitate a discussion; you can hold the attention of everyone whilst encouraging others to join in, enabling members to question and find solutions from yourself and each other
  • Show us your can-do attitude. Member got a weight loss problem? You know exactly how to support them to think positively and find their solutions.
  • Your wellness workshops are full of energy, passion, laughter and fun – full of silver linings not grey clouds


  • You always put your members first; you get what they need and everything you do in your job is about them. Making Every Member Count is your mantra
  • Results driven. Just like your members weight loss goals you’ll have business goals to achieve. Every day is an opportunity to work towards achieving your own success – it gets you out of bed in the morning

The ins & outs…

  • Run wellness workshops within a geographical area, conducting effective weigh-ins, hold group discussions that educate, involve and inspire members aligned to Company brand standards
  • Adhere to Health & Safety guidelines
  • Flexibility to provide cover and work as a team supporting recruitment drives when needed
  • Attend Area Meetings & Training events when required
  • Market your wellness workshops and proactively seeking local PR
  • Report wellness workshop performance statistics and follow the Business Administration Policy
  • Travel required

What would help you hit the ground running as part of our amazing team?

You know how to Win Together

As an excellent communicator, you will be able to empathise with our members and work with them to inspire them to their success. Whether you are already a member of WW with a complete knowledge of the WW plan or someone who is actively on your own weight-loss journey. You must be willing to complete the WW plan prior to becoming a Wellness Coach. You understand how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle and you’re not afraid to share it!

There is no time to be shy! With excellent presentation and facilitation skills you will be able to run a wellness workshop full of passion and fun. You must be able to create an atmosphere of sharing, openness and trust and you will have strong communications skills. You seek to learn new things, especially about yourself and will start your time with WW attending an exciting, action packed induction that will set you up for success.

You know how to Get Things Done

Proactive and solution focused, you will be committed to achieving success for our members, whilst supporting fellow Wellness Coaches and your Area Service Manager. You are thirsty for results and must love a challenge. With personalised customer service on your mind, you will be a strong relationship builder. One who is approachable and adaptable. One who thrives on persuading and influencing others to get things done.

You know how to Think Differently

Making Every Member Count is your driver. You must be able to think creatively, using social media effectively to connect, inspire and involve your members and those you work with. Your strength is positive thinking; you will be courageous with ability to seeking out fresh, new opportunities whenever and wherever they may arise.

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